Honda CRV Oil Drain Plug Washer Size

Honda CRV Oil Drain Plug Washer Size, The Right Oil Drain Plug Washer Size For Your Honda CR-V, When you are replacing the oil drain plug washer in your Honda CR-V, you need to know what the proper size is. If you don’t know, you could damage the oil pump or even destroy the engine. The wrong size can also cause the drain plug to clog with oil.

Crush washer vs ordinary washer

Honda CRV Oil Drain Plug Washer Size
Honda CRV Oil Drain Plug Washer Size

The main symptom of a bad oil drain plug gasket is an oil leak. This may cause damage to the engine and other parts of the car. You need to replace your old oil drain plug as soon as possible.

The best way to protect your engine from leaks is to install a oil drain plug crush washer. These are specially designed to provide a tight seal between the oil drain plug and the pan. They come in a variety of materials and can be used on most Honda and Acura vehicles.

Usually, a kit of these washers is available at your auto parts store. If you need a particular type, you can order it online. The cost is usually around $1. However, the availability of these parts is not guaranteed. Depending on your vehicle, you might need to order the part from the manufacturer.

When buying the correct washer, you need to consider the diameter. Some washers are made of metal while others are made of rubber. Rubber is softer than metal and will deform to make a good seal. Metal is more durable and will not deteriorate over time.

Choosing the wrong size washer can cause leaks. Most manufacturers recommend choosing a washer with a different thickness than your old one.

CR-V oil drain plug gaskets

While the Honda CR-V has been around for some time, its oil filter replacement schedule has not changed much since the beginning of time. As with most vehicles, it is a good idea to be proactive about your maintenance routine. The best way to go about this is to buy high quality synthetic oil. In addition, be sure to change your filter at least once a year. Lastly, make sure you know the proper oil drain plug and pan. You don’t want to cut threads or end up with a leaky oil pan.

If you are looking to replace your old filter with a new one, you will probably need to get a new oil pan too. Thankfully, Advance Auto Parts has you covered. They offer three different oil pan drain plug gaskets for the CR-V. These are priced at a reasonable $1.99 each. Additionally, they will ship the parts directly to your door if you order online. Alternatively, you can always head down to your local auto supply store to pick up the parts you need.

With the influx of affordable aftermarket auto parts products available, it has never been easier to find the parts you need to keep your hulking vehicle in tip-top shape. A little shopping around and you can make sure your car is in its prime by the next oil change.


What’s a better way to get the oil out of your Honda CR-V? A little judicious use of the right tools and ingredients can go a long way to preserving the longevity of your beloved ride. One such component is a well-placed drain plug, which, as the name implies, keeps oil from leaking through the holes in your engine’s cylinders.

The best place to start is at your dealership, where you’ll be treated like a valued customer. A local auto parts store can also offer this type of assistance. For example, if you need to replace your crankshaft oil filter, you’ll probably be able to swing by the shop for a quick lube job, which will give you the chance to do a bit of window shopping for the replacement part of your dreams. In addition, you’ll be able to compare the prices of competing brands to find the best deal.

It may be a while before your CR-V has a spiffy new oil filter, but the trick is in getting the old one out of your system without causing damage. To keep your motor running smoothly, you’ll want to make sure to change the oil on a regular basis. You’ll need to replace the oil filter every 7,500 miles, which is an aptly named schedule.

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