Honda CR-V Hybrid Rechargeable?

Honda CR-V Hybrid Rechargeable?; The Honda CR-V takes a different approach: Honda CRV hybrid is non-rechargeable. But he remains surprisingly economical in everyday life, and the loading capacities put many station wagons in the shade.

About two years after the market launch, the current Honda CR-V is still a rare guest on German roads. On the other hand, the model continues to enjoy astonishing popularity worldwide. Reason enough for us to get a closer look at the hybrid model in everyday testing.

At first, the mid-range car looks unspectacular. However, whoever opens the rear doors then experiences his first aha moment: they open almost at a right angle. And this not only helps with the installation of child seats, but also makes it much easier to get started. So practical talents and inner values seem to be the secret of worldwide success.

Honda CR-V Hybrid Rechargeable?
Is the Honda CR-V Hybrid Rechargeable?

In fact, there is a lot of space on all seats. Knees and head can almost not stretch so far that they would come into contact with the headliner or the front seats. In addition, the rear seat folds up so intelligently that a flat loading area over 1.8 meters long is created. Admittedly, station wagons can do that too, but the CR-V trumps them with its loading height. Here, washing machines fit upright into it, or, if you also use the company car as a private hobby musician, a drum kit with a double bass. It takes one of the almost extinct vans to keep up.

Admittedly, such loading escapades probably do not occur on most business trips. So we go to the front seats, notice that their seat surface is too short and the backrest is too soft, but at least the overview fits. The infotainment presents an outdated layout with small touch surfaces, but it connects to all smartphones in a very modern way and reflects the display. This is how it works with the traffic jam navigation.

One press on the start button and nothing happens at first – nothing at all. Although there is a four-cylinder petrol engine with 146 hp under the hood, a 184-hp electric motor provides propulsion for the time being. He does this quite silently, without jerks things are moving forward cheerfully, and soon the gasoline engine comes to it discreetly grumbling as a generator. You just can’t be in too much of a hurry. At full throttle and on nasty Albsteigen, the four-cylinder then howls that it is no longer beautiful. After all, things are progressing quickly, and the outbreak of howling soon subsides again.

The CR-V is better suited to the quiet gait, which does not have to be slow at all. Accelerate quickly to the desired speed and then keep the accelerator pedal steady – this is acknowledged by the powertrain with consumption by five liters. On the highway, he still remains under seven liters. The diesel couldn’t have done better in the predecessor either. A hybrid drive, which therefore works without any problems at all without conveyor and socket. We have known about Toyota for years.

Unfortunately, the Japanese colleague of Honda shares the ridiculous trailer loads with the competition. It’s enough for a bicycle carrier, but then choose the fixed trailer hitch, otherwise the support load will shrink. A trailer can weigh a maximum of 750 kilos either way – that’s a bad joke for an SUV. The old diesel pulled another two tons without a murmur. And if we are already complaining: The (standard) emergency brake assistant also brakes for cars parked on the side of the road.

For this, the cruise control keeps the distance and the track very passable as standard. And the suspension springs completely ok, without ever making a particularly great desire for turns. The headlights shine brightly from LEDs, but without adaptive high beam, many optional equipment are coupled to the quite expensive equipment lines. Our test car came as an Elegance, 30,500 euros (net) is a fair price for what is offered. The higher equipment mainly offers leather interior and visual changes, unfortunately the blind spot assistant is also linked to it. From our point of view, there is not too much to say against the further distribution of the Honda CR-V in German fleets – and for him, his handling of fuel and luggage.

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